1.8 million unclaimed .UK domains

Reservation period for .UK domain names has ended In June 2014 Nominet introduced a new shorter domain extension – .UK this one joins the other extensions Nominet provides here in the UK, .co.uk, .org.uk and me.uk. The owners or registrants … Read More

What is a Domain Name

What is a Domain Name and why do we have them?   A Domain Name is an address on the internet, every website has an Internet Protocol address or IP address which is a unique number. These numbers are long … Read More

Domainers get air time on BBC1

Regular viewers to BBC1’s tea time telly show The One Show would have got a shock recently due to the fact that the show was hosted by Jerry Springer, not only that but they did a great segment on domain … Read More

Why are Domains so Important?

Domain names have been around for a long time now over 30 years believe it or not, the first one was registered way back in 1985 by a computer systems company in America who registered Symbolics.com. Today that web address … Read More