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.BIZ domainsdomains

.BIZ is the first and only business-centric Top Level Domain and will become the most recognised symbol of business on the Internet. Registering a .BIZ not only gives businesses the opportunity to register previously unavailable domains, the strong identity of .BIZ will give your business greater impact on the web.

.BIZ domains are accessible globally by all Internet Service Providers. .BIZ utilises the most advanced data formats and architecture available to provide a more stable, scalable and secure domain name service. Over time, companies with a .BIZ address will be able to fully utilise the power of the Internet by implementing enhanced communication and commerce processes.

Restrictions: .BIZ must be used or intended to be used primarily for bona fide business or commercial purposes.

.info domains.

In an effort to answer the growing demand for domains on the Web, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently approved .info as a Top Level Domain.

.info is the most inclusive domain on the web because, universally, the Internet is synonymous with information and the benefits that come with having more information. That means .info represents the best solution for a diverse and growing group of web endeavours. Businesses, individuals, public groups, brands, government agencies and other groups will all benefit from using .info which is accessible globally by all Internet Service Providers.

Information is a globally recognised term and as well as translating well, .info has unrestricted access to any nation in the world. In addition, the communication of information is central to the purpose of any website which makes .info domains ideal for all of your Internet ventures. As most of the good .com domains have now been taken, it is .info which provides the most effective and easily remembered names and because of this, growth in .info registrations will be rapid. The following examples show how adaptable .info can be:


.uk domains

With over 2.5 million domain names registered, .uk is easily the most widely used country code domain extension in the world. It is and will continue to be essential for UK and International businesses to register their .uk domains.

.uk is a country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD's) which can be broken down into sub-categories to indicate their type of activity. These sub-categories (eg .co or .org) are called Second Level Domains (SLD's).

Domain Name now offers the following domain extensions: for commercial enterprises for non-commercial organisations can only be registered if you have a Limited Company Number for Public Limited Companies only

Unlike many other domain extensions,,, and registrations allow for a wide, unrestricted variety of names, abbreviations and acronyms to be used.

.TV domain names.

.TV is the fastest growing domain of all time and is raising the profile of thousands of businesses that have a strong media rich presence on the Web.

Far from being a niche domain for the TV industry, .TV is ideal for any website offering rich media content. Although most websites are simple with text-based pages, many businesses are now utilising the boundless capabilities of streaming video, audio and real time technologies. If you are part of this new generation of Web businesses, you need a .TV domain name.

TV is the most widely recognised two-letter symbol in the world, which means that a .TV domain name has real global potential. The domain is marketed globally by the dot TV Corporation and now has a very strong identity of its own, which makes it an ideal marketing tool for media rich sites.

.TV is currently being used by companies such as Sega of America, Columbia TriStar International Television, Granada Sky, IBM, Motorola, The Economist, British Telecom and Barclays Bank.