What is a Domain Name

What is a Domain Name and why do we have them?


A Domain Name is an address on the internet, every website has an Internet Protocol address or IP address which is a unique number. These numbers are long and hard to remember so rather than try to remember long numbers names are linked to the numbers so it makes it easier to find things on the Web.

You register a name with providers like ourselves and using one of the many extensions (.com or .co.uk etc) they will set up your name on a domain name server (dns) and tell all the computers on the Internet how to get to your web site and where to deliver emails.

If you want to register lots of domains you can and then point them all to the same ip address so the web server that is hosting your website can display your site using multiple names this increases the chances of your site being found and also to stop others from registering similar domains, you don’t want a competitor setting up with a similar name to yours.