Why are Domains so Important?

Domain names have been around for a long time now over 30 years believe it or not, the first one was registered way back in 1985 by a computer systems company in America who registered Symbolics.com. Today that web address is getting thousands of visitors to it simply because it was the first out of what is now over 320 million domains. It is estimated that between 20-30 million new domains are registered every year most of them are .com with well over 100 million .coms out there now.

Like most things in today’s Internet age nothing happens without first doing some on-line research and that definitely includes spending our cash, some reckon up to 80% of us will do some internet research before we make a purchase.

So what’s the big deal about domains then?

A websites domain name is the first thing people notice so its importance should never be overlooked it’s vital to give a good first impression of your organisation and its products and services.

Things to consider when choosing a domain name are keywords and length, normally the shorter the name the better but its also good to get keywords in there too. If you are building or have a brand name then obviously you want to register that straight away if at all possible but often the domain name will become your brand name a good example of this kind of marketing is the on-line betting brands.

The choice of domain name may actually be the single most important business decision you ever make so it shouldn’t be rushed in to take your time and think carefully before deciding what to go with.

Most important things to remember are:

  • Keep it short
  • Use key words
  • Make it brandable
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to say
  • Ideally a .com
  • Should make it obvious what you do
  • Not infringe on any trademarks
  • Be creative